by Gina Rieg, HHC

Trust me – We all need some gut healing!

Looking for better health?

Gut health is the root of our health – if our digestive system can’t absorb nutrients and food properly and distribute it out to our bloodstream and organs, we are goners! Not to be so dramatic but it’s true!

Plus, our body tells us (sometimes screams at us!) that our gut is unhealthy and imbalanced in so many ways. Some of these messages show up as allergies (food or seasonal), asthma, digestive issues, joint pain, fatigue and sweet cravings. Not to mention severe disease and auto-immune conditions. It all comes down to the gut!

The best gut healing protocol out there is GAPS. GAPS stands for “Gut and Psychology Syndrome”, developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. It has been used to successfully treat many diseases/conditions including Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, Autism, ADHD/ADD, Allergies, Depression, Anxiety, Asthma, Eczema, Schizophrenia and more. The GAPS program rebuilds the gut by healing the damaged gut lining, which is the root cause of the mentioned diseases.

GAPS is truly the ultimate gut healing program. I can personally attest to that – I’ve been through it myself for the healing of my Ulcerative Colitis. You can read my full story here.

However, at first glance (and second and third and fourth glance – you get the point) GAPS sounds very daunting and overwhelming. I admit it; it’s tough! Totally doable and worthy but tough!

So, when I look back at my GAPS life (a good one by the way!), I realize that I didn’t dive right in. Not at all. Just like other major life transitions, baby steps ensure sustainable success. There are many preliminary steps that one can take to move towards GAPS. I guide my clients daily with gut healing concepts. The following preliminary steps can help you as you ponder “How the heck would I do this?”

  • Figure out your REAL food sources – this may take some time depending where you are in the road towards all REAL food. I am in Maryland so my sourcesare mostly my local farmers. This part is important because you will need good bones (in addition to good meat) for your healing bone broths! In addition, natural animal fats such as lard and tallow are extra nourishing.
    • For grass-fed, pastured meats, you can search your area to find your farmers through this website:
      • Or you could order your grass-fed meats through US Wellness Meats.
      • Make coconut oil your new best friend! Eat it often and wear it (on your skin)!
      • With your good quality bones, make some homemade stock. This is a GAPS staple.
      • Learn how to make fermented veggies – another GAPS staple. Here’s a picture of some of mine!

This is definitely a condensed list of baby steps but it’s a start! A good solid start! GAPS is intricate and people react differently at different stages depending on their body. So, be patient and work slow and steady until you are ready to build on these steps and take it further! If you ever need someone to coach you towards GAPS and through GAPS, I am here for you.

So, cheers to better health! A healthy gut is a healthy person!

Stay tuned to me and my work as well. Drawing on my personal GAPS gut-healing experience, I plan on writing a guide for all of you who are seeking both the education and application – all in one condensed guide.

“Gina Rieg is a Health & Nutrition Coach and the owner of Simplistic Wholistic LLC. While she is located in Maryland, she also works with clients by phone. Gina guides her clients towards optimal health and healing, giving her clients the tools they need to address health issues such as fatigue, cravings, fat-loss, and digestive issues. You can connect with her through her website at

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