Have you ever had to buy snacks last minute at the grocery store for a road trip or a long day out of the house? I certainly have been in this situation from time to time. Ideally, I try to prepare homemade snacks ahead of time but sometimes that just isn’t possible. After being in this situation enough times, I came up with a number of snack ideas that can be found in most grocery stores that are convenient, healthy, and gluten-free.

All of the options on my list are things that don’t need any preparation and work well for kids. These are things you could potentially buy while you are on the road and will not have access to a kitchen to do any kind of cutting or prep. My daughter loves apples but she only eats them sliced up with the skin removed so if we are on the go it is not usually practical to get something like that.

There are two kinds of bars on my list and these are the only two brands of bars that I purchase. You will see an endless amount of granola bars, nutrition bars, and other types of bars in grocery stores and the majority of them are full of junk. They have a long list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce and unnecessary fillers. Both of the bars on my list have a short ingredient list and are all recognizable things.

Healthy Snacks

1. KIND BarsThese bars are filling, tasty, and some flavors even satisfy a sweet tooth.

2. Larabars– I love that Larabars are sweetened only with dates. Larabars have one of the shortest list of ingredients I have ever seen which is a very good thing!

3. Carrot Sticks – Easy to munch on and dip into hummus. Also a great thing if you are looking for a something crunchy.

4. Hummus – This has become so popular that most stores have prepared hummus. Of course homemade hummus is better but if you are on the run, this is a fine substitute.

5. Rice Crackers– A good alternative to chips or other crackers that are not gluten-free. Look in the Asian food isle and you will find these.

6. Trail Mix – Another filling option that is easy to munch on. Look for trail mixes without added sugar. If you are at a Whole Foods you can get trail mix in the bulk section which saves some money.

7. Berries – When they are in season, berries are great for snacking. They are refreshing and sweet and don’t require much preparation to eat.

What healthy snacks do you get at the grocery store when you don’t have time to prepare?

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