Yesterday I read an awesome eBook called Lacto-Fermentation by Wardeh Harmon from GNOWFLGINS, which is one of the books in the Toadally Primal eBook Bundle sale going on now (but ends tomorrow). Fermenting projects are a lot of fun and the results are full of probiotics that really help digestion. After reading this book yesterday I got motivated to start some new projects. Since I still have sauerkraut left from my last batch and I have water kefir brewing already I wanted to try her pickle recipes. My daughter and I both love pickles so I thought it would be a great one to try.

Wardeh’s eBook is so throurough it has instructions on how to ferment pretty much everything. After finishing the book I wanted to make everything. Even though I have done a lot of fermenting prior to this I still learned a lot from this book. There were some recipes I have never seen before and new ideas to try. I will definitely be spending a lot more time with this book. I even liked it better them some of the hard copy fermentation books I own.

Yesterday I made two pickle recipes – Garlic Dill and Sweet Pickles. Both recipes were very easy to follow and didn’t take much time at all. The recipes use a basic brine and then add all the ingredients for each individual pickle flavor. I have mine fermenting now in the kitchen and we can barely wait the 3-7 days to try them. The first step is to layer the cucumbers in a mason jar like the photo below:

After you mix together the spices and brine, you pour it over the vegetables and then let it sit for 3-7 days depending how how fermented you like them.

Since I was already on a roll with the pickles I decided to start a batch of coconut milk yogurt as well. I haven’t made it in long time and I’ve been craving it lately. I used my crockpot method – here is the tutorial: Coconut Milk Yogurt in a Slow Cooker. I started the batch yesterday afternoon and we had some with our breakfast this morning.

I love how easy this recipe is and that it really doesn’t take much effort. I flavored the yogurt with some frozen berries and didn’t even need to add any sweetener, the fruit was sweet enough. Here is my finished product:

Wardeh’s book, Lacto-Fermentation, also has recipes and tutorials on how to make cultured dairy products from raw milk like yogurt, cultured butter, cheese, and kefir. It is a great resource to have for anyone who is new to fermentation or even if you have done some fermenting but would like to try some new projects. You can still get this eBook along with 32 other eBooks (including my eBook on Homemade Skincare) on Paleo and Primal living in the Toadally Primal eBook Bundle – but this sale ends tomorrow!!

Have you experimented with fermenting? What is your favorite thing to ferment?

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