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Keeping things together in a household of two entrepreneurs and a little one can get a little challenging. The schedules are not always the same from day to day or week to week so it’s impossible to do things from memory. Without a household calender, we would not be able to function. Between client meetings, scheduled office time, ballet classes, and dinner preparation – it’s a lot to keep track of without having it all laid out in one location for everyone in the household to see. A household calendar is just as helpful for families that might have a little more of a repetitive routine because there are many things that need to be planned in order for them to actually get done.

What’s on the Calendar

A household calendar will obviously vary for each family. In our house we have everything from our client schedules, birthday parties, plans with a friend, or yoga classes on our calendar. Anything and everything that is important to us is on there. In a household where one or both parents work at a job with a set schedule, such as 9-5, it may not be necessary to put any work related things on the calendar. Keeping a calender helps to keep everyone on the same page. Everyone knows what is going on, when it is and where it is located so that plans can be made ahead of time. Beyond just this obvious point, there is a lot of value in having a calendar like this because it helps to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

The Real Value in a Calendar

When it comes to your own self care as a parent, things you want to do often take a back seat to the things you need to do. Most Moms don’t take the much needed time to take care of themselves. A lot of us Moms say we would love to go to a yoga class or go for a massage but there is just not enough time. These things are important to do for yourself to care for yourself as much as you care for the rest of your family. A Mother who is well taken care of can better give herself to her children and husband and be a calmer, happier Mother. These types of things will never happen unless they are pre-planned. You can keep telling yourself you will go do that yoga class but until you look up the schedule, mark it on your calendar, and make sure the children will be taken care of at that time – it just won’at happen. This is a huge benefit to keeping a calendar that everyone can see. You are able to schedule time for the things you need to do for your own self care. Once things are scheduled they are much more likely to really occur then if they were not scheduled.

Types of Calendars

The type of calendar that you use should match the preferences of your family. For some families a paper calendar that hangs in the kitchen, or somewhere that everyone will see it, might be the way to go. If you schedule is not changing on a daily basis, this might be a good option for you. On the other hand, for families that have a lot of different schedules that change often, a digital version might work better. We use Google calendar and it is linked up to our iPhones so that we can each make our updates as they occur. If my husband is with a client and schedules a new appointment while he is with them, I am able to see that on my phone. This system works amazingly well for us because of our ever changing schedules Find a method that works for your family – which may take a few attempts. Try out a paper calendar and if that doesn’t work try digital or vice versa.

A household calender is the best way to keep everyone up to date with what is going on and allows for proper planning and preparation. The most value in this comes in the area of self care because it allows you to set the time that you need for yourself without feeling guilty. If everything is set up ahead of time, there is no reason for you to miss your yoga class or your time to decompress. We all need a self care routine to be the best version of ourselves.

Do you keep a household calendar? How has this impacted your life?

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