Fresh herbs make all the difference in flavoring delicious recipes. Having fresh herbs on hand to cook with can get very expensive if you are buying them individually which is why it is so beneficial to grow your own. Growing herbs is a great way to get started gardening because they are fairly easy to grow. Some herbs start very easily from seeds which is the most inexpensive method – but it does take patience. Herbs can be grown indoors and outdoors (personally I do both). This year I have some herbs in pots, some in a wooden box I re purposed, and some in the ground.

If there are certain herbs that you cook with often it would be a great idea to start with those herbs. In my experience, I have found these three herbs to be useful in the kitchen and easy to grow.


Basil is an herb that I used very often because I love it. It is great in salads, marinara sauce, or in a glass of iced tea. Basil is high in vitamin K which is needed for blood coagulation – very important for pregnant women. It also contains some anti-bacterial properties. Basil can be grown indoors and outdoors. I experimented this year and I successfully started basil from seeds in a pot which was exciting. I also purchased two young plants and I kept one indoors and planted one in the ground. Although I have seen others have a lot of success with basil in the ground, mine did not do nearly as well as the plant I kept indoors. Basil likes to be pruned so if you pick leaves to use often your plant will do well.


Rosemary is a very hearty plant and is easy to keep alive. Rosemary is versatile because it pairs well with many foods. It is also packed with health benefits like it’s anti-inflammatory properties, it’s believed ability to improve memory, boost your mood, and improve immune function. Rosemary grows well with little maintenance and is easily grown from cuttings. I started several plants this year from cuttings of a rosemary plant and almost all have survived. Rosemary may also help keep pests out of your vegetable garden. Grow rosemary as a perimeter around your vegetables or as a companion plant to help keep out unwanted guests in your vegetable garden.


Fresh mint is so delicious and smells amazing. Add a few mint leaves to your iced tea or other cold drinks for a refreshing flavor. It is also great in smoothies. Mint is a helpful digestive aid and can help to soothe headaches. If you don’t want mint to take over your garden, it’s best to plant it in a pot or in a small area. Mint is so easy to grow because it spreads a lot. I bought a small mint plant a few months ago and planted it in a large pot. The plant has already tripled in size and is starting to fill up my pot.

Cooking with fresh herbs is so delicious and has some great health benefits. Since the cost of fresh herbs is high, it might seem difficult to keep them in the house. Growing your own herbs is the best way to get delicious fresh herbs into your cooking without spending a fortune. It can also be hard to find a variety of herbs that are organically grown so when you grow your own you can control the growing conditions.

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What are your favorite herbs to grow?

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