by Victoria Moore from Yogi Mami

Many mothers discover that it can be difficult to find time to workout after having a new baby. The demands of taking care of children can often get in the way of the mother taking some time for herself. The growing trend of Mommy & Me exercise classes are a perfect way to allow moms a way to remain active while bonding with their child. Mommy & Me classes allow moms to interact with other mothers and create friendships and community while taking some time to be healthy.

Benefits of Mommy & Me Classes

Mommy & Me exercise classes come in many forms: From Yoga, to Pilates and even outdoor stroller workouts. These types of classes can be found in most cities and are becoming increasingly popular. Including a prenatal fitness routine can provide numerous benefits such as re-awakening the pelvic floor muscles and restoring muscles that were stretched during pregnancy and labor. Exercise is an important way to regulate changing hormones during and after pregnancy to prevent post partum depression. Benefits of Mommy & Me classes include building relationships with other moms, bonding with your child, taking care of yourself and setting an example for your child introducing the importance of fitness from the beginning.

Mommy & Me classes are great for socialization for both the parent and the child. Many at home moms can feel isolated with very little adult interaction, these classes help to provide a break and make new friends. It’s a great way to meet other moms with kids around the same age in your community and can often translate into play dates outside of workouts. For the child it helps to stimulate the senses, introduce them to people and aid in cognitive development. Classes often include songs and new unfamiliar sounds which is very appealing to babies and if your baby does cry or need to be changed or fed during class- No big deal! Guaranteed your kid won’t be the only one causing a few interruptions, but most classes are designed to accommodate these types of situations.

Bonding with your child is a great way to alleviate and prevent postpartum depression. It also helps promote security and self-esteem in both the child and adult. By taking the time to do something beneficial for the body helps to improve overall attitude and outlook on life. Another benefit is that these classes allow us an opportunity to set a healthy example by showing our children that we take the time to exercise and keep a healthy lifestyle. It is a great way to be a model of how to make health a priority in our lives. This is especially important with childhood obesity on the rise. It’s never too early to teach our children healthy habits.

If Mommy & Me classes are not offered in your area you can find books or DVD’s, which will provide all benefits except for social interaction. Another option is if you have a group of moms who are interested you can usually contact a studio, gym or even library to see if possibly they would like to coordinate or offer such a class. After the birth of my first daughter there were very little Mommy & Me classes offered in our area. As a yoga instructor I began to offer these classes and it has been such a fun and rewarding experience. My children enjoy getting out of the house and meeting new people, my daughter loves exercising with us and we do our workouts at fun places where they can see boats, ducks and sometimes even seals. We have met lots of amazing people along the way and love adding to our community.

Did you participate in Mommy & Me exercises after having children? If so, share your stories. We would love to hear them!

Victoria Moore is yoga instructor, Usui Reiki master and natural health author and blogger. She enjoys cooking, homesteading and spending time with family and friends. Her passions include empowering women on how to prepare for natural labor, teaching yoga to adults and children and learning about alternative approaches to health and lifestyle. Through her website yogimami she enjoys connecting with other like-minded people and sharing information about health and wellness, natural parenting, alternative medicine and organic living.

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