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The holidays always seem to bring friends and family together which, if you don’t already live close by, is so nice to reunite and spend time together. Growing up, over the holidays, my parents were always hosting friends over, cooking a lot of Korean food and making sure everyone’s glass was never empty. I think this is why I love to entertain and have friends over. I grew up seeing my parents do this all the time so it’s in my blood.

But hosting and entertaining didn’t always come so naturally to me. I still sometimes over plan and over complicate some things, try to make too much or I don’t time things correctly so I am still cooking some things after the guests have arrived. Which, for me, if you’re having good friends over is fine because then they can come into the kitchen and help. Let’s take the time this holiday season to thank and appreciate the people that make these gatherings possible and for all of their hard work that goes into planning this holiday season. From the preparation to cooking , to the after party clean up, hosting a holiday party is no small task. So, I have partnered with Merci Chocolates today and we’d like to help you thank the host or hostess of your next gathering by giving them the gift of Merci.
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By showing your gratitude and appreciation with Merci Chocolates this holiday season, Merci will bring a moment of relaxation and joy to your host or hostess. Each box of merci includes a delicious selection of rich, European chocolates made from the finest ingredients. Flavors range from Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut-Almond to Dark Cream and Praline-Creme and are truly delicious!!
I recently went to a holiday party at my neighbor’s house, across the street. Everything was prepared and set and since it was the holidays, she had the fabulous idea of asking everyone to bring donations (like new socks or new underwear) to give to children in need. We also had an ornament exchange which was so much fun. For me, an incredible host or hostess is someone who makes everyone feel comfortable and at home and filling me up with delicious food and drinks is always a good thing too! So, if you are still looking for that perfect way to say thank you to someone, pick up a box of Merci Chocolates and you won’t regret it!

(open to residents within the United States only)

  • A box of Merci chocolates, Finest Selection (as shown above)
  • Coffee cup set of two from Crate and Barrel (as shown below)
  • Delicious roasted coffee from World Market (as shown below)
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Italian Roast Coffee

Each chocolate is individually wrapped. There are 32 delicious bars of chocolate in each box! So, with flavors from Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut-Almond to Dark Cream and Praline-Creme, there is sure to be one (or all) that you will enjoy! These chocolates are truly delicious!!

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Disclosure: I was provided the same prize pack that the winner will receive: a box of Merci Chocolates, 2 coffee cups from Crate and Barrel and Italian Roast Coffee. This giveaway is sponsored by Merci Chocolates and is a part of the #MerciHoliday campaign. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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