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After 10 years of not getting the flu, this year I got the flu. As bad as it was, I still would rather go through 10 days of the flu every 10 years then inject myself with the garbage that they call the flu shot. I knew right away what it was, the body aches, joint pain, throbbing headache, and high fever so I immediately started with some natural remedies to make it more bearable.

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup is a supplement that can be taken daily to strengthen the immune system. When you are ill, it can be taken every few hours to help fight off the illness. This study on elderberry and the flu concluded, “Symptoms were relieved on average 4 days earlier and use of rescue medication was significantly less in those receiving elderberry extract compared with placebo. Elderberry extract seems to offer an efficient, safe and cost-effective treatment for influenza.” Once I started taking elderberry syrup during the time I had the flu, it seemed to start to improve. You can make your own Elderberry Syrup using this recipe or you can purchase it over the counter like this one.

Thieves Essential Oil

Young Living Essential oils makes an oil blend called Thieves. This is not necisarily a remedy but something that supports good health. Thieves was created based on a story about four thieves in France who covered themselves with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims. It might be helpful to put some thieves oil in an essential oil diffuser like this one in your home. Diffusing is a great way to get essential oils into your body by inhalation. For more information on where to get this oil, visit this page.


One of the worst parts of the flu was the high fever and dehydration. This time it was so severe for me since I am nursing. I got even more dehydrated then usual because of this fact. Lots of fluids were very important to keep hydrated and flush out the germs.

  • Bone Broth – soothing, warming, and filling when you don’t feel like eating. Try this recipe.
  • Water – can’t beat water when it comes to hydration
  • Electrolyte drink – this was helpful in the days when I was recovering and getting my strength back. Try this great recipe from Modern Alternative Mama.
  • Herbal Tea – herbs are great to support healing unlike over the counter meds that just mask symptoms. Try Gypsy Cold Care tea.


This shouldn’t be discounted. Rest is so important when it comes to healing. I believe not enough rest is how I got the flu in the first place. Getting sick is almost a way of your body telling you that you need to slow down and rest. It’s nearly impossible to rest when you are running around after little children so do ask for help from your family when you are sick and get the much needed rest your body is craving.

Neti Pot

I will admit, I am not very good at using the neti pot but it sure does work. Use the neti pot or other nasal irrigation tool like this one while you are sick with the flu. It flushes out the nasal passages and gets rid of all the gunk. This can help ease sinus pressure and give some relief if you are suffering with a sinus headache. It may also speed up healing because it flushes out germs that are sitting in the nasal passage.

If you have the flu, these are some things you can do to help get through it faster and with less severe symptoms. These remedies help to aid the body in healing and won’t mask symptoms or slow down healing by counteracting the body’s natural healing process.

The best way to avoid getting illnesses like the flu is to eat a healthy diet, get enough rest, and take care of yourself. If you need to make a change in your diet but don’t know where to start, try our 7 Day Real Food Challenge which includes a week’s worth of recipes and a online community for support. Learn more here.

What are your natural remedies for the Flu?

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