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Choosing a sippy cup or a water bottle for your child isn’t the easiest task these days. Just when we thought plastics were OK to use because pretty much all children’s products are BPA-free, we find out that BPA-free might be worse then BPA. It is very frustrating as a Mom who wants the safest products for her children because it seems to require a lot of research to purchase anything. Even something as simple as a sippy cup or a water bottle needs significant research to find out which one to buy. It’s not like us Moms have a lot of free time either!

A few weeks ago, I was asked to review this new sippy cup from iPlay Baby called the Green Sprouts Glass Sip’n Straw Cup. When I received the cup, I found it was very easy to take apart and putting it back together was self-explanatory – which I love. I’m terrible with putting things together. I immediately put it in the dishwasher and started using it with my 8 month old son. Within a day or two of using the cup I promptly threw out the old one w were using.

This is why I love this cup…

#1 Liquids Only Touch Glass & Silicone

My number one concern when it comes to a sippy cup is that it is safe to use and that no plastics or chemicals are leeching into the water. Although this cup is plastic on the outside, the interior of the cup is glass and the spout is silicone so the water NEVER comes in contact with plastic. The water only touches the inside glass container and the silicone spout. Silicone is safe to use for a spout because it does not leech into the water.

#2 Comes Apart for Easy Cleaning

A pet peev of mine with kids products that have a lot of parts is that it is difficult to take apart for cleaning. I am terrible at putting things together so if it’s difficult to do I will avoid it. This usually leads to mold growth in the creases and crevices because water stays in the little parts. The simplicity of this cup won’t cause this to happen because it takes a few seconds to take a part and put together and it’s not hard to figure out. This diagram shows it perfectly.

green sprouts sippy diagram

# 3 Full Disclosure

The cup comes with a paper insert that explains all of the things you need to know about this cup. I love that this insert shows the what each part of the cup is made of so nothing is in question. I have peace of mind knowing that it is safe to give to my son.

green sprouts cup insert

# 4 Doesn’t Break When Dropped

The company does not guarantee that this cup won’t break (since it is part glass) but in my experience so far, this cup won’t break. My son has tossed it out of the high chair a few dozen times onto my tile floor and it has been unharmed. The plastic exterior seems to take most of the shock of the drop and protects the glass interior. This is a huge benefit because kids are so hard on things. Just this morning, my daughter broke a glass water cup!

# 5 No Drip Tops

I really nice feature of this cup is that it comes with both a sippy spout and a straw top spout. It’s nice to have the option to use either top. My son prefers the sippy top since he is still little but the straw top looks like it would work great for an older baby or toddler.

How You can Get One

If you haven’t noticed, I would highly recommend this sippy cup! There is only one problem with this cup – it’s out of stock right now. I guess I’m not the only one who likes it. What you can do, however, is place an order for this cup on Amazon now (which I would highly recommend if you want one) and they will ship it to you as soon as it comes back in stock. In fact, I already did this so I can give one as a gift.

The lovely people over at iPlay Baby, felt bad that I was writing this review and they had no cups available for purchase right away so they are offering my readers 20% off your order the iPlay Baby website if you want to order some of their other products. Use coupon code IPFAN14 at checkout.

Have you tried this sippy cup yet? What do you think about it? Share in the comments.

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