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I have shared my story with you before. Over the last 7-8 years I’ve made dramatic changes to my eating habits, health choices, and lifestyle and the results of those changes completely changed my life. I went from an unhappy, unfulfilled person who struggled with health concerns I didn’t even know should be concerning – to a much healthier version of myself who gets to have a satisfying and fun wellness career.

Here is a short video of my telling my story…

What was the thing that got me moving on this transformation? Information. Plain and simple. Before I started making changes I had no idea about all the things I write about today. Most of these things – real food, toxic mattresses, crappy beauty products – was not even on my radar until I started learning and reading about health and wellness.

I know all of this stuff is really overwhelming at times – you might be thinking – where the heck do I start??? For me, taking courses and reading books started my journey and that’s what I encourage you to do.

Even this week I’ve learned a few new things in the area of healthy living. That’s the key – never stop learning and reading. I have been spending my free time this week really getting into a handful of the resources that are included in The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle that is going on now through September 15th (which includes my 7 Day Real Food Challenge). I almost can’t believe how little this library of resources costs for what I learned from it. I probably should be embarrassed to admit this but I’ve spent well over $20,000+ on wellness education in the past 7-8 years (and that number is growing by the day because I read so much and take so many courses). To get yourself started on your healthy living journey for $29 (or $39 for kindle version) is, quite honestly, extremely cheap.

Even for someone like me who has been in this world of health and nutrition for a long time – I still got value out of it. The reason for that is because I went through the list of resources and broke it down into a handful of items that really got me excited and read them. The amount of information in this bundle is huge and it might even seem like too much. The reality of it is that not all of it might be what you are looking for – maybe you don’t give a hoot about yoga or you will never give a thought to backyard chickens – but you’ve been itching to learn about essential oils and to finally give up junk food – then I encourage you to purchase this bundle. Pick a few things you want to really dive into and go for it.

On the topic of essential oils…there is one thing in this bundle that has really stood out to me. There is an eCourse from Vintage Remedies on Essential Oils that is so cool. I’ve only started to go through it and I am already impressed. It’s a nice unbiased resource to learn about essential oils and their uses. This course normally sells for $95 – yes $95…and the cost of this bundle is $29.97. This alone is well worth the purchase!!

To be clear, I’m not promoting this bundle sale because there are X amount of books in it or X amount of $$’s in bonuses, I’m promoting it because I truly believe it can help you if you put in the time and effort to use it. I’ve taken courses with less information then this collection contains for well over 5X the price of this bundle, no joke.

Here is a sample of some of the things I learned this week from using the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle…

A New Recipe for Granola Bars My Kids Love

granola bars marathon mom

I discovered this recipe while reading 42 Days to Fit, an eBook and exercise program designed for busy Moms. It was super fast to make and I already had all the ingredients in the house (I did add raisins to the recipe at my daughters request).

I’ll share something funny about this too…I picked that book to read because I know that exercise is the area of healthy living that I am just not good about. I know I need to work on that and get myself in a routine of doing it. Cooking, now that comes easy to me, because I love it. Leave it to me to read a book with the intention to do the working out part of it and end up making granola bars, go figure.

How to Make Fermented Chicken Feed

fermented chicken feed day 1

I am a newbie at chicken raising (I’ve only had chickens for 6 months) so I was really excited to read Oh Lardy’s Guide to Backyard Chickens. I really learned a lot about the basics of chicken raising in this eBook. I had never heard about fermented chicken feed before and the book says that its more appealing to the chickens and it gives them lots of healthy enzymes to digest the nutrients better – therefore getting all this goodness into my eggs. So I tried it. So far, my girls seem to love it!

There is so Much More to Lemon Essential Oil Then I Realized

YL lemon oil cropped

The eCourse in this sale provided by Vintage Remedies has so much information on essential oils. The thing I really love is that they look at many different approaches to the use of essential oils ranging from scientific information to traditional uses from history. This is so different from what we are used to hearing about essential oils which is primarily anecdotal testimonials – which I also value – but its nice to hear more then that.

I am taking my time to go through this course and really get all the information soaked into my brain. In the first module, I learned that lemon oil is frequently used in aromatherapy to improve cognitive performance and to calm anxiety. This week has been hectic for me – my daughter is back in school, and my husband and I are both working more then ever. Guess what essential oil has been in my diffuser all week?

More to Come

I am not even close to being finished with just the hand picked resources I decided to try first and I can’t wait to get through them. There is seriously endless amount of stuff you can learn from this bundle – and the cool thing is that everyone gets something different out of it. It’s all about where you are in your journey and what you are excited about right now.

What resource are you most excited about in this bundle?

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