top_10_gardening (1)THANKS TO THE EDITORS at Better Homes and Gardens for nominating this website as a Top 10 Gardening Blog. I am always grateful for the opportunity to have A Way to Garden seen by gardeners who may not know of it, and contests like this are one way that happens. The voting is taking place on the BHG contest site (and is a little wonky, admittedly…if you land on the fashion, food or decorating blog voting pages first, you have to click “select” under “skip this category” to get to the gardening entries).

It’s a great place to explore some other garden websites you may not know about as well, and you will quickly notice I am at least 200 years older than any other entry in any category, which I think puts me in a category of my own, tee hee. Thank you if you decide to cast a favorable vote while you’re there.

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