baking-soda-free-deodorants-that-workNatural deodorant! It’s the product I get asked about all the time. No one wants the nasty chemicals in conventional deodorant but no one wants to be stinky either. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect natural deodorant for 6 years! This summer I finally decided to do my own official experiment to find the best natural brands that exist.

How I Chose Brands to Test

If you’re reading my blog chances are you’re into natural products. That’s why the first thing I did was ask you about your favorite natural deodorant brands. Reading the results of my natural deodorant survey was a lot of fun. Everyone had great ideas, feedback, and suggestions.

One remarkable outcome of the survey was that 19% of the natural mama’s that filled out the survey all had the same favorite deodorant. Go figure! In case you’re wondering, the deodorant I’m talking about is Primal Pit Paste. Unfortunately, this product did not end up being part of my own personal experiment, here’s why…

The Problem with Baking Soda

One of the biggest problems I have run into is that baking soda irritates my skin. I know I’m not alone here because I’ve heard the same complaint from many friends and readers. Even though it’s a safe ingredient and perfectly healthy, I just can’t use it. That one factor caused me to cross many options off my list (including Primal Pit Paste).

Experiment Criteria

The things that matter to me most when choosing a natural deodorant are…

  1. How long will it last without being re-applied?
  2. How does it feel? -> Is it sticky? Does it absorb moisture?
  3. How does it smell? -> Good? Over-powering? Not enough fragrance?

The Baking Soda-Free Deodorant Showdown

Here it goes! These are the deodorants I tested on myself this summer. It was a really hard task to rank these in order of my favorite to least favorite. The #3, #4, and #5 picks are all pretty much a tie. They had their pluses and minuses but I’d say they all on about the same level.

# 1 – Crystal Rock Deodorant Stick

Crystal Deodorant came up a lot on the survey. The funny thing is many people said they loved it and almost as many said they hated it! I tried this brand years ago and wasn’t fully satisfied with it. After a nudge from a friend I decided to try it again. I am really glad that I did because it is now my #1 choice! If you’re one of those people who said they hated this one hear me out…

There are two caveats to using this deodorant…

  • You must apply immediately after showering. Don’t throw on your clothes and feed the kids breakfast first and then put it on later because it won’t work!
  • Make sure you use A LOT. You can’t just swipe this one once and call it a day. Apply this one very liberally, I’m talking 10-15 swipes at a minimum.

Now for my criteria:

  1. How long did it last? This one lasted all day for me on most occasions! There were a few really humid sweaty days where I felt it stopped working by the time I had the kids dinner on the table.
  2. How did it feel? I almost felt like I sweat less while using this deodorant. Now, none of the options are antiperspirants (because that’s just not healthy) but I love that it wasn’t sticky, slimy, or messy.
  3. How does it smell? It actually has no smell at all. I didn’t mind that about it because it worked well in the other two categories.

# 2 – Clay Dry Deodorant

This is my second go-to deodorant after the Crystal. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. How long did it last? Most days this one lasts me the whole day without re-applying.
  2. How did it feel? It feels really nice on. I certainly still sweat but it does absorb some moisture and its not sticky or slimy.
  3. How does it smell? I really like the smell of this one. It’s a light fruity and citrus sent that smells fresh but not overpowering.

# 3 – Primal Life Organics Dirty Margarita Deodorant

Supposedly lime juice is an effective deodorant for some people. One of my Facebook fans posted on my page that she uses only lime juice as deodorant. When I saw this deodorant included lime essential oil I thought I’d give it a try.

  1. How long did it last? Most days I used this deodorant it would last through dinner time, which is great!
  2. How did it feel? There’s no gross sticky or slimy feeling although you do notice it’s there.
  3. How does it smell? The smell is much different then other choices, it’s not fruity or floral. It’s is not very strong and it has a slight tropical coconut scent to me.

# 4 – Zom-B-Gone Baking Soda Free Honeysuckle Deodorant

This is one that you probably haven’t heard about. When I was looking for all the deodorants I wanted to test, a friend let me know about this one that she uses. You can get it here. Here’s the details on this one…

  1. How long did it last? I like that this deodorant lasts all day without re-applying it.
  2. How did it feel? I wouldn’t say it was sticky or slimy but you can feel that is a layer of something on your skin. It’s a little less “dry” feeling then the others.
  3. How does it smell? I bought the honeysuckle scent of this product (there are A LOT of scent choices). The scent is nice but strong! Next time I would try another scent option for this one. When I wore this deodorant my 6 year old kept asking, “Mom, what’s that smell??”

# 5 – Nubian Naturals African Black Soap 24 Hour Natural Deodorant

I found this deodorant while doing one of my product demos for The Holistic Mama Skin Care in Whole Foods. I was pretty excited about it because I used to buy soap from these guys when they sold them on the street in Harlem, NY and I always loved their stuff.

  1. How long did it last? The label on this says it will last 24 hours but that wasn’t really my experience (maybe I’m on the smelly side, I don’t know!?) It didn’t last all day for me, I felt myself re-applying mid-day.
  2. How did it feel? I like the feel of this product. It goes on smooth and you don’t feel a film on your skin.
  3. How does it smell? This deodorant has a really nice smell, it has a subtle fresh soap sort of smell.

Dr. Haushka Rose Deodorant

I read about this deodorant on another blog. I’ve used some of Dr. Haushka products in the past and was always very happy with them so I thought this was promising. Unfortunately, it really didn’t work well at all for me.

  1. How long did it last? On a hot summer day this only lasted me a couple of hours. I don’t think it really stopped any odor it was really just covering it up.
  2. How did it feel? This is a liquid roll on and after it dries it does feel pretty good, no film.
  3. How does it smell? The smell is the best part of this deodorant. The rose scent is so nice! Sometimes I’d use the crystal deodorant and then put this on afterwards to give me some scent.

Magnesium Butter

A few of the people who responded to my survey mentioned that magnesium oil worked for them as a deodorant. Straight magnesium oil can be irritating to the skin (it makes me itch!). I make a magnesium butter for trans-dermal magnesium absorption so I decided to try this as a deodorant. This was also a no-go for me! Didn’t work at all.

Do you have a favorite brand that I haven’t tried?? Let me know about it in the comments section!

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