gift-ideasI’M NOT IN A LIFE STAGE or lifestyle where useless stuff has a role (except to make clutter). I want service! In the guides below, I’ve rounded up some of the things I rely on, and trust. Click the green words to explore one category of goodies or the other:

  • cookbooks: Some new title have lately made my shelf, alongside classics by some of my most long-trusted culinary experts.
  • kitchen gear: Can’t do without my double-walled glass tea tumbler and electric kettle, my stick blender and more.
  • stuff for living: From my constant companion the Sangean wifi radio, to my hottest-of-all heating pads and brightest little flashlight, the essentials.
  • field guides: Essential keys to who’s who out there in the world, from lichens to moths, dragonflies to birds and bees and more.

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