61qfyrlzmnl-_sl1056_-1MY FAVORITE watering wand and hose-end sprayer have been discontinued; ditto the sprinkler model I have long relied on. And the ones I have been nursing along in recent years are now officially kaput. Drat. But my go-to hose and rain gauge carry on, undaunted, and good thing, because breezy, bright spring days and newly sown seeds and transplanted divisions are a bad combination, so I am already watering here and there.

LIGHTWEIGHT WATER RIGHT HOSES: If you are still lugging around traditional garden hoses (or if anyone on your gift list is), then Water Right Inc.’s lightweight, drinking-water-safe hoses can fix that beautifully. I love the olive green color (above), but there is purple, wine and other choices. Three diameters of hose comprise the line, each in 25- to 100-foot lengths: The 400 Series (7/16-inch diameter), 500 Series ( 1/2 -inch diameter, delivering about 25 percent more water than the 400) and 600 Series (5/8-inch, delivering another 25 percent more water than the 500). There is also a coiled version, if you have a smaller space than I do. Browse the Water Right hoses. (Amazon affiliate link.)

09215_01_shkcprfraingaugeLOW-TECH RAIN GAUGE: This last suggestion is something I have bought again and again to give as a stocking-stuffer (and to use) from the Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog. Talk about low-tech: It’s a plastic rain gauge you simply stick in the ground. I have three here, spread around the garden, and even though I also have an electronic weather station that theoretically is precise down to the hundredth of an inch, I cannot wait after a good rain to go out and check my plastic models. Watch out, this one will set you back $6.95 (find it at Johnny’s).

I’m ordering and testing various nozzles and wands, meanwhile, but so far? Not so good. Wish me luck (or send me a recommendation if you have one). Happy watering!

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